For Workshop Programs Outside of Connecticut
For my assembly presentation I need a digital projector, and an easel with large drawing paper or chalk board or over head projector. A microphone will also be 
needed if there is to be a large audience.

For the workshops each student will need a couple sheets of white copy paper, a pencil and an eraser. I need a chalk board or a white board to draw on.

PDF's of the handout sheets will be mailed to you one week prior to the workshop. Copies will need to be made for the children for that day.
Full day - 5 Hour Cartooning Program
Cost: $787.00 
Plus Travel / Lodging  

We love to travel, but due to the rising costs of fuel we add a small gas surcharge for traveling expenses. And if you are more than 90 minutes from Seymour, CT then a lodging expense will be added.

Click Here To Check Mileage / Location
Starting Address: Main St, Seymour, CT

Last but not least, depending upon your location airfare cost may also be applicable.

For more info please call: 203-888-1888
or fill out the form for a more 
accurate quote

We offer programs to fit "your needs". 
You can choose what special art project you want along with the basic cartooning program that we offer. Please check out programs and let's make something just for you!