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Manga - Smanga Fun Cartoon Program
Kids will learn how to draw their own manga and anime cartoons characters by following along with Debi's cartoon chalk talk. 

Working together they will learn how to draw cute Chibi animals and a cute Chibi Baby Chick in a variety of cute facial expressions, as well as a Manga Boy and Girl character. In the process they will learn about the unique differences this cartoon form has.

Last but not least the kids will work on making their own "Superhero Manga Cartoon Character" 
and then make a fun poster to take home. By doing this children learn about character development and creating a story line. It reinforces the importance of reading and academic subjects even in the making of a Manga Cartoon Character.
This class is for kids who want to go on to the next step in cartooning. From big foot to little foot Manga cartoons, the lessons will focus on the Manga cartoon face, expressions and the cartoon manga figure in motion. Kids will also work on developing their own Manga or Chibi Superhero cartoon character. They will also learn more about the world of Anime.
We can also put together 
a custom program to work with your current theme

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Fun Cartooning Programs
1 to 1.5 Hours
$4.- each extra child / 30 Maximum

A fun cartooning program about superheroes getting strong and staying healthy...
Kids will be given a guide sheet with various, ideas, and tips on what to do to create their own superhero and fitness storyline. They also get to take home the book they started to create.
Superheroes such as Captain America, Ironman, Batman all have to work hard to stay in top physical shape to be able to fight crime.
Drawing along with Debi,  the children will learn how to create and draw their own cartoon superhero and also write a short story about what their character does to stay healthy and keep in shape. 
Every superhero needs to be fit...
Superhero Cartoon Program
Fun Superhero Cartooning Program
Children not only love drawing cartoons but I also have never met a child who doesn't love animals. 

In this program not only will the kids learn how to draw fun cartoon animals but they will also work on a cartoon project to bring awareness to the plight of helpless, defenseless, hungry and homeless animals in our world.
Build A Better World  
Where All Animals Are Safe
Poster Cartoon Version
Includes all supplies & materials
materials for up to 15 children
Includes supplies & materials 
for up to 20 children
Clay Cartoon Version
Imagine Your Story 
Cartoon Fun
Your kids can have lots of fun as they
imagine and create their own characters 
and story with Debi the Super Cow-toonist.
Add $4.00 - per extra child / 30 Kids Maximum
Includes all materials and Crayola
Model Magic clay for up to 15 children
Includes all poster materials for up to 25 children
In our "Imagine Your Story" program we 
emphasize and show kids that cartoonists
are not just artists but story tellers too.
1 - 1.5 Hour Program
Kids create their own story and cartoon characters and turn them into a fun book poster that they get to take home.
Choose A Fun Poster or 3D Clay Cartoon Program
Create Story Character and Book Poster
1 - 1.5 Hour Program
Kids create their own story, and then
turn one of their characters into a 3D
creation and a fun story background
What kind of cartoon will each child make? 
Who knows! It could be a dragon, a fairy princess, a knight in shining armor, 
or maybe even a funny alien from 
another planet.
The possibilites are only limited by
the child's imagination. My job is to
teach & show them how to bring it all together.
Fun 3D Clay Cartooning Program
In our program we work with Crayola Model Magic and children are only given the primary colors of red, yellow, blue, black and white. 

Thru discussion and the "oohhh - ahhhh" color sheet they come to realize that every color in the world can be made from the primary colors.

We work together mixing the clay to create all the colors they will use on their own creations
The clay colors are then applied to the two plastic cups which will act as the base for their clay cartoon character
The kids then add the legs the eyes, antennas, arms, tails, wings... whatever their imaginations can come up with. We create a story for their character and every child's silly fun character is unique.
Every child's character needs a home and what better way then for the kids to create and draw a background scenery for their clay character creation.
Who doesn't love working with clay?
But we don't stop there... 
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Special Pricing Available For Multiple Bookings
Clay Program 1 to 1.5 Hours

Includes supplies and materials for up to 15 Children
Add $4.00 per each additional child (30 Children Maximum)
It's In The Cards 
Cartoon Art Program
Children will have lots of fun as they learn how to draw their own cartoon birthday card, all while
participating in a fun and creative cartoon art lesson with Debi the Super Cow-toonist.
This Cartoon Program Includes: 
  • 90-minutes of Super Cartoon Instruction
  • Chalk-Talk with kids following along as they draw lots of fun cartoons
  • Learn about Cartoon Product Application
  • Kids make a "Super - Sized" Birthday Card
  • Become part of the "Birthday Card Contest" 
  • Kids see the magic of 4-color art and then experience "ohhhh - ahhhhh"

Cartoon Greeting Card Program

Includes supplies & card project materials for up to 25 children in attendance
$2. each additional child / 40 kids maximum 
Basic Cartooning 101
Children will learn how to draw their own cartoons by simply following along with Debi's cartoon chalk talk. They will also learn just what it takes to be a cartoonist and the importance of the academic subjects in the making of a cartoon. 

A few fun cartooning books will be displayed and discussed to help reinforce the importance of reading. Children will complete a fun cartoon project to take home with them. 
Note: We can also custom design 
this program to work with your 
current library theme.
Musical Cartoon Magic
Cartoons are used everywhere and when they are combined with music it's just pure magic. Kids love cartoons and they love music so what could be better than this combination.
In this fun cartoon program children will be taught how to draw different expressions and turn musical instruments into funny cartoon characters. 
Walt Disney knew best how to capture the heart of children, by combining music and cartoons into fun creations.
In addition to their drawings they will also make a fun "Cartoon" musical instrument and that they can actually play and then take home with them.
Music and Cartoons?
Disney Character Development
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Spin drums may be the most well-known multicultural instrument 
in the world! People from Asia, Africa, and the Americas have 
used this simple instrument to make rhythm for ages.
Cartoon Spin Drum
Program Includes: 
One of our goals is to make children more aware of the music that makes up an important part of their favorite animated movies.
Musical Cartoon Magic 

  • 60-90 Minute Fun and Educational Musical Cartoon Program 
  • Kids watch short video "Disney's Silly Symphonies-Music Land"
  • Kids will learn how to draw Various Cartoon Expressions
  • Turn musical instruments into their own fun cartoon characters
  • Bonus - Kids make a real Spin Drum into a cartoon musical creation
Price includes all supplies for up to 15 children in attendance.
Add $3. per child
over 15 kids to cover 
supplies and materials

In his Silly Symphonies-Music Land, 
you can see how Walt Disney turned 
various instruments into cute cartoon characters, animated them, added 
music and an interesting storyline.
Kids will enjoy turning their musical spin drum into their own unique cartoon character. After they're all done they will also have fun being 
able to play their instrument. They do this by simply holding the spin 
drum between both palms and then rolling the handle between them.