Saturday Afternoon With A Cartoonist
Kids can enjoy a super fun 1-Hour fun cartooning program on a Saturday afternoon 
Kids will learn how to draw their own cartoon characters by following along with Debi's Fun Cartoon Chalk Talk. The children will also learn how academic subjects are actually used in the making of cartoons
Choose One Of These Fun Themes For Your Program 
Kids will have fun as they learn the basics of how to draw their own fun cartoons. They'll find out just what it takes to be a cartoonist and the importance of academic subjects in the making of a cartoon. The children will draw lots of funny faces and some cool cartoon animals.
Basic Cartooning 101
Cartoon Superheroes
Kids will learn how to draw their own cartoon superhero character but they will also learn how to develop a superhero character. Why did they become one? What powers do they have? What will their superhero wear? It's lots of fun!
Manga - Smanga
Kids will learn the basics of Manga Cartooning. Working together they will learn how to draw cute Chibi animals and a cute Chibi Baby Chick in a variety of facial expressions, as well as a Manga Boy and Girl character. 
Kids learn how to draw some fun cartoons, and they will make a cool unique 3-D Clay Cartoon Character that they can take home with them.
3-D Clay Cartoons