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Musical Cartoon Magic
Cartoons are used everywhere and when they are combined with music it's just pure magic. Kids love cartoons and they love music so what could be better than this combination.
In this fun cartoon program children will be taught how to draw different expressions and turn musical instruments into funny cartoon characters. 
Walt Disney knew best how to capture the heart of children, by combining music and cartoons into fun creations.
In addition to their drawings they will also make a fun "Cartoon" musical instrument and that they can actually play and then take home with them.
Music and Cartoons?
Disney Character Development
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Spin drums may be the most well-known multicultural instrument in 
the world! People from Asia, Africa, and the Americas have used 
this simple instrument to make rhythm for ages.
Cartoon Spin Drum
Program Includes: 
One of our goals is to make children more aware of the music that makes up an important part of their favorite animated movies.
Musical Cartoon Magic 

  • 60-90 Minute Fun and Educational Musical Cartoon Program 
  • Kids watch short video "Disney's Silly Symphonies-Music Land"
  • Kids will learn how to draw Various Cartoon Expressions
  • Turn musical instruments into their own fun cartoon characters
  • Bonus - Kids make a real Spin Drum into a cartoon musical creation
Price includes all supplies for up 
to 15 children in attendance.
Add $3. per child over 15 kids
to cover supplies and materials

In his Silly Symphonies-Music Land, 
you can see how Walt Disney turned 
various instruments into cute cartoon characters, animated them, added 
music and an interesting storyline.
Kids will enjoy turning their musical spin drum into their own unique cartoon character. After they're all done they will also have fun being 
able to play their instrument. They do this by simply holding the spin 
drum between both palms and then rolling the handle between them.
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