Outer space and Aliens 
In our program we work with Crayola Model Magic and children are only given the primary colors of red, yellow, blue, black and white. 

We work together mixing the clay to create all of the fun clay colors they will use on their creations
The kids then add the legs the eyes, antennas, arms, tails, wings... whatever their imaginations can come up with. 
Every child's character needs a home and what better way then for the kids to create and draw a background scenery for their clay character creation.
Space 3-D Clay Program
1 to 1.5 Hours
More about our clay program... 
What kid doesn't love working with clay?
But we don't stop there... 
Materials for up to 15 Children
$4 each additional child (30  Max)
Cartoon Fun
This summer kids can let their imaginations go crazy as we explore the wonderful world of space and the possibility of strange and unusual life life on other planets.
In this program not only will the kids learn how to draw fun cartoon planets and funny alien creatures but they can also work on creating their own space poster or they can build their own 3-D Clay Alien Creation with a fun space background.
Space 3-D Clay Creation
and Fun Background 

Includes all the Crayola Model Magic clay,  and materials for up to 15 children
Add $4.00 - per extra child / 30 Kids Maximum
Includes supplies and poster materials for up to 20 children
Space and Aliens Poster Program
1 Hour Program
As we work together on our fun space cartoon project we will also talk about the planets, their differences and our space program.
You can choose either a fun space 3-d clay program or a space poster program
1 to 1.5 Hour Program
Add $1.- per extra child / 40 Kids Maximum