Project #1: Save Animals Who Have No Home
Project #2: Keep Wild Animals Safe 
Project #3: Save The Rainforest Animals 
Many domestic animals in our country are homeless, hungry and abused and they desperately need our help. 
What can we do?
For example, in Project #1, the kids would make a background and a clay bank with a cute clay animal on it, like a cat. They will also make a stand alone little animal like a dog or a gerbil or some other domesticated animal of their choosing. This project can be make believe or they can actually use it to collect donations, if they want to, and then give it to their local animal shelter. 
Endangered animals are kept on wild animal preserves to keep them safe from poachers. They need awareness of what they doso they can continue their good work of saving animals from extinction. How can we help them?
Every day more and more trees are getting cut
down in the rainforest and many of the 
animals that live there are destroyed 
and many are at risk of being made
extinct. What can we do to help?
Clay Build A Better World

1 to 1.5 Hour Program
Includes all the Crayola clay, supplies and materials for 
up to 15 children
Poster Build A Better World
Includes supplies & materials for up to 20 children
1 to 1.5 Hour Program
Children love drawing cartoons but I also have never met a child who does not love animals. 

Add $4.00 - each additional child
30 Children Maximum
Save 15% This Summer On
Our Cartoon Programs
Choose one of these projects in either 
the clay program or the poster program
Clay Program Sample
Other Available Cartooning Programs
Build A Better World  
Fun Library Cartooning Programs
Our fun library cartooning programs allow your kids to complete one or more fun cartoon projects along with participating with a chalk talk presentated by Debi a professional cartoonist. And the kids love it.
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Where Animals Are Safe
In this program not only will the kids learn how to draw fun cartoon animals but they will also work on a cartoon project to bring awareness to the plight of helpless, defenseless, hungry and homeless animals in our world.
Reg. $325.
Reg. $297.