This class is for kids who want to go on to the next step in cartooning. From big foot to little foot Manga cartoons, we focus on the Manga face, and the manga figure. 

Kids will work on developing their own Manga or Chibi cartoon character and transform it into a 
3-D Clay Cartoon Creation.
Manga Cartooning Class For Kids 10 - 14 
  • Thursday June 22nd. 
  • Thursday July 27th. 
  • Thursday August 24th. 

Fee:  $35.00 per child
Fee: $18.00 per child / per class
Summer Cartooning Classes in Milford CT
2-Day Clay Cartooning Program
June - July and August Programs   10am - 11:30am    For Kids 6 - 12 years old  
All Programs At : 
Milford Recreation Department's 
Kids will have lots of fun as they work on a 2-day Clay / Cartoon Project with Debi, a professional cartoonist. Kids will create clay cartoon characters using only the primary colors of Crayola Model Magic. It’s amazing how many colors they can make and how creative and unique their clay cartoon characters are.
For more information please contact Milford Recreation Department
Bob Hayes (203) 783-3283 or E-Mail:
But we don’t stop there … the kids will also create and draw a background scenery and other fun stuff, to go along with their fun and one of a kind clay creations. 
Fannie Beach Neighborhood Center and The Margaret Eagan Center
June 2-Day Session:  June 19th & June 20th Margaret Eagan Ctr.
Star Wars                     June 21st & June 22nd Fannie Beach Ctr.

July 2-Day Session:  July 24th & July 25th Fannie Beach Ctr.
Monsters & Aliens    July 26th & July 27th Margaret Eagan Ctr.

August 2-Day Session:  Aug. 21st & Aug. 22nd Fannie Beach Ctr.
Superheroes & Villains  Aug. 23rd & Aug. 24th Margaret Eagan Ctr.

All Classes are from 5:30pm to 7pm
Milford Rec's Fannie Beach Ctr.
16 Dixon St. Milford, CT 06460